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Design trends change and evolve; every year brings a new trend be in fashion or interior. Through these changes there is always a constant - need to stand apart!

Coffee table


In the present world of Google and Pinterest, it’s easier to be inspired. Especially owning unique furniture & furnishings for your home is one way to break the boundaries of being ordinary. Here are some fun pieces I came across which can make for a "perky" style.

Center tables attract the most attention and why not!? Choosing the one can be the first step into defining "your" style. Here are some coffee tables that act a pinch of salt for your style.

Cane furniture is back in business. This pretty stylish center table in broken circle is darling. I love how it adds great visual interest in the room. The subtle color also goes with any scheme.

Wood and metal center table


Going a bit modern, are we? This minimal wood and metal table looks chic in any living room. The metal rails double up as magazine holder. Isn't it so neat? Check their website for a marble version.

Organic wood coffee table


And finally, sophisticated as it can get, this gorgeous wood and brass coffee table. Now that's how you make a statement.

If you already have a rad table, these are my favorite accent tables that help ground a room. I love vintage (duh!). Acquiring a new unique piece just makes my day. Curating furniture and accessories that are not mass produced is what my store is all about. Here are my favorite finds.

Vintage Accent Table


This side able has an interesting handle that also acts as back-rest when used as a stool. It was discovered in one of the estate sale and now up for sale in the shop. The table top has a beautiful patina and the marks only add to its character.

Accent Table


I love pieces with great stories. This Pygmy table is a great example of just that. Crafted by local African artisans of the Pygmy tribe, skilled in making beautiful wooden furniture. This is handmade from a single block of wood and transported miles on the backs of the Pygmy's. Literally putting their blood, sweat and tears into making of each piece.

Side Table


The Teak Root side tables use organic teak from Indonesia. Each table is different from the other due to its natural form but goes well with the other teak tables. These can be used as night tables or just as an accent piece next to an armchair.

Wooden Foot Stool


And of course a favorite! This is an Indonesian hand carved Crocodile Foot Stool. Can be used many ways, to rest your foot, as a sculpture, or to just stack up magazines in a pretty vignette. It will definitely get some conversations rolling.

Once all set with accent tables, we need accent chairs, right? Here are a few.

Director Chair


This director chair with a twist of cowhide as upholstery is comfortable and goes well with modern aesthetic.

Accent Chair


How about some more cane? This pretty looking chair is as much stylish as it is comfortable. Have a pair of these placed across from the sofa and coffee table, Voila! an instant effortless elegant style.

Dining Chairs


Going more chic, these chairs are great for casual seating. Guests won't be able to take their eyes off of this one.

Lastly, complete the fun perky look with some exciting mirrors. Ultimate way to make a bold statement by collaging a few together or have one sculptural piece.



Go industrial with these cogwheel mirrors. Get a few and hang them into a feature wall or just above the console for concentrated look. You can never go wrong!

Accent Mirrors


For the rustic flare, these wood back, irregular shaped, open edge mirrors are just right.

Mirror Sculpture


Glam it up with this gorgeous multi-angled mirror. Display them as art and make it a conversation piece.

Let us know what you think? What are the pieces you like to include in the list or own in your fun space? We'd love to hear from you.

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