Chez Claire, Antwerp, Belgium

Curious about what the interior of mirror ball looks like?? It's this place - luxury, patterns, and reflections - Chez Claire! This beautiful eclair boutique in Antwerp is made with all things delicious! Wrapped in blush and black, the display of eclairs and champagne attracts instagrammers and travelers alike.

Chez Claire

The owner couple - Dries Henau and Yuri Vandenbogaerde teamed with Pinkeye, an award wining design studio which not only designed the interiors but also the sumptuous looking take-out boxes. The logo is drafted with the fictional brand muse - Claire in mind who altered the name ‘éclair’ into ‘Chez Claire’ with a wisp of her lipstick.

Chez Claire Antwerp

Exuding fun eclectic vibe by providing a moment of escape to this culinary indulgence is supported by the use of high-end materials and resources. Mix of gold, mirrors, marble, and strong patterns lighted up in neon amplifies this rich experience.

As done most in recent times, designs are more focused on presence on social media platforms, continuing with this trend, Chez Claire seems a heaven for instagrammers and result will be a series of the most alluring pictures only making us wish we were here basking in its lavish beauty whilst feasting on various kinds of eclairs.

Interior Design
Neon lights

Blush interior decor

Glass ceiling

All images are courtesy of Pinkeye website.



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