7 Beautiful ways to use trunks

As a designer, I love to use a lot of vintage furniture in my style. Curating these unique finds is what my business is all about. I like to provide for the client who wants to furnish their unique style with pieces having the character that can define a space.

That's the reason why I love looking for furniture that can be used multiple ways, just like a trunk - whether it be storage trunk, wooden chest, or luggage trunk. They can easily blend in with your modern furniture or can go great with vintage or antique furniture setting.

1. Foyer Storage

One of the best uses of these trunks is to use them in your hallway or foyer. They work great as storage but also a bench to sit and tie those laces.

2. Coffee Table

The other perfect use of these pretty trunks is as a coffee table. What best way to ground your living room, but with these vintage wooden beauties. The bonus is that you can store your extra throws and blankets in there.

3. Low Side Surface

Now if you have a perfect coffee table, a trunk can still add some dimension to your room. Set it on the side as a low table and style it with some coffee table books, candles, and photographs. It's still can be used as storage but also decorated to be a great conversation piece.

4. End Tables

Deck up the sides of your sofa, stack them or just use the one for that perfect height. Have some books, a lamp, and Voila, great space for resting your coffee mug.

5. Bench

Don't want to use your bed, have these trunks at the end of your bed to use as a surface to set things down or a bench for casual seating. Of course, extra linens and pillows can be stored in them too.

6. Night Stands

Just like using these trunks as end tables, you can use them as night stands next to your bed. If you seek the well-traveled look, stack a few luggage trunks with a lovely night lamp and a tray with all knick-knacks. This is a great alternative to using regular bedside tables and provide that vintage feel.

7. Paint 'em If antique trunks and vintage furniture are not your styles, you can still use these treasured beauties as a piece of modern furniture. You can get a cheap one and transform it by painting them and change the hardware to give it a new shiny look.

We love great looking wooden trunks, even more mixing them in our eclectic look. Try them and we are sure you are going to keep them forever!


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