2019 Wall Decor Trends: A Style forever!

2019 Wall Decor Trends

Having a well-defined space where every element comes together seamlessly is what everyone wants. However, designing and styling a space needs quality time investment. Though some people end up hiring a professional, it can also be done by oneself.

With a little budget, some DIY skills, and lots of excitement, you can make any bare wall look fabulous and unify a space as one whole. Here are our suggestions for great-looking wall decor that are not "overdone" gallery walls and will bring in elegance and luxury!

1. Simple yet classy wall sconce

A great way to add charm and liven up any space is a lovely wall sconce. With a gazillion options on the market, it could get intimidating. You can either start planning your room with the wall sconce and revolve a style around it or shop for a sconce by bringing in elements from the existing room. This hallway displaying beautiful sconces from A Note on Style is eye-catching.

Wall Sconce

2. Vintage sculptural art

Whether the style is classy or eclectic, vintage decor fit in seamlessly to any scheme. Sculptural objects are a great way to add an interesting three-dimensional angle to a bare wall. These gorgeous African Zulu shields from Curiique are a great feature on any wall. They can be hung alone, in pair, or multiples, becoming the focal point in any space.

Large Wall Sculptures

3. Faux brick wall

Why stick with a single object when you can make the entire wall a feature. Stick some faux brick wall decal or wallpaper to the one wall and make it a focal point in the room. This lovely dining space saved by Stace King is perfect example!

Faux Brick Wall

4. Doors as feature

Find beautiful doors with carving and textures to add character to your space. You can also invest in a great looking vintage door and make it a conversation piece in your next cocktail event. Like this beautiful Dogon door, originally used for windows of rooms storing harvested grains from Curiique.

Vintage Dogon Door

5. Go green on walls

Use of real or faux branches as a feature above the headboard or behind the sofa is on-trend and a great way to add greenery in the room. Even if you have a hard time keeping plants alive, no need to worry with this DIY! Look at this lovely dried flower hanging from Restoration Lane.

Dried flower wall decor

6. Lean them on the ledge

Living in a rental or no time to hang your precious art collection - Why not lean them on the shelf or a picture ledge? A substitute for overdone gallery walls, these are perfect to display little knick-knacks as well, just like this beautiful bedroom picture ledge from Second September.

Picture Ledge

7. Go big or go home

Either make an entrance with an extra-large art piece or make it a centerpiece in your room. Not only they make a huge impact but is also a great conversation starter. We are loving this space with the large artwork from We Heart.

Large Wall Art

There have been many other trends this year but the above have been consistent over years and were big this year and we predict them to be always and forever! Though there have been other trends this year in wall decor, the above listed have been consistent over a few years and have been big this year. We also predict these trends to continue for a long time.



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