This African masterpiece is handmade by artisans of Pygmy tribe of Cameroon, Central Africa. Carved out of a block of solid Maple and carried miles across borders by Pygmies, it surely is a symbol of hard work and dedication. Each African end table is one of a kind furniture, takes months to build with Pygmies’ age-old wood carving techniques and is one to appeal to the collectors and people alike. 

This beautifully sculpted unique vintage furniture piece will certainly grab eyeballs and become a conversation piece at your next gathering. This wood top accent table can be paired with a chaise or an armchair or even be used as a component of living room coffee table mixed with other smaller tables.


Dimensions: 18"W x 17.25"D x 17.5"H

African Pygmy Side Table

  • 18” W x 17.25” D x 17.5” H

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